Eat Retreat Southeastern Pennsylvania

In 2015 we gathered in a region of southeast Pennsylvania with rich agricultural history, forward-thinking food systems and incredible local producers.

I loved being surrounded by others who share an intense passion for food and experiencing the creativity they brought with them. Nadine Nelson, Eat Retreat Alum & chef

Workshop Highlights

As experts in their craft, Eat Retreat attendees led skill-sharing workshops and guided tastings.

Budget Brick Oven

With 45 bricks, 8 cinder blocks, two sheets of metal and a bag of sand, Anthony Calleo built an oven and threw us a pizza party in the woods.

Citrus Tasting

Rick Nahmias traveled across the country with a box of California citrus for a fruit history lesson and blind tasting.

Knife Sharpening

Sushi chef Erik Aplin taught us how to treat our knives and also demonstrated his fish butchery techniques on a whole bluefish.


From tiny quail eggs to the jumbo emu egg, Liz Martin led an investigative workshop all about eggs—included her own backyard chicken eggs.

Local Producer Workshop

For a taste of the regional food culture, Eat Retreaters spent a morning with local food leaders.


In addition to being the oldest micro brewery in Pennsylvania, Stoudt’s is also a family-run bakery and cheese making operation. Eat Retreaters toured the brewery with beer pioneer Ed Stoudt followed by pretzel making and cheese tasting with his daughter Elizabeth Stoudt.

Foraging with Casey Spacht

Casey Spacht is the founder of the regional farming cooperative Lancaster Farm Fresh. He’s also a well-known forager. He led a group of Eat Retreaters on a hike, revealing edible and medicinal treasures found in the woods of southeast Pennsylvania.

ReAnimator Coffee

Eat Retreaters nerded out with Mark Corpus and Nathan Cochran of Philadelphia’s ReAnimator Coffee. With thermometers and scales, we learned the art and science of brewing the perfect cup.

It was three solid days of nonstop positivity. Everyone brings their own experience and viewpoint to the table and works together on the common goal of learning, tasting, making, having fun, being together. I felt like I was among my own people. Alex Jones, Eat Retreat Alum & local food advocate

The Southeastern Pennsylvania Team

event photographer

James Collier

James Collier is a story-driven photographer, writer, and a creative strategist. He shoots a mix of commercial, editorial and fine art projects.

founder & director

Kathryn Tomajan

Kathryn Tomajan is an olive miller who has made award-winning olive oil in California and Australia. She is a certified olive oil taster and serves on the Board of Directors for the  California Olive Oil Council. She holds a master’s degree from the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo, Italy.


Heather Marold Thomason

Heather Marold Thomason is a whole-animal butcher dedicated to sustainable meat production. She has raised pastured livestock, established local supply chains and developed retail and wholesale programs to improve market access. In 2016 she founded Primal Supply Meats in Philadelphia, PA.

culinary coordinator

Lesley Stockton

Lesley Stockton is a freelance writer, recipe developer and food stylist. She is a former food editor at Martha Stewart Living and Everyday Food, and is currently the kitchen manager and staff writer at The Sweethome.

Eat Retreat was exactly what I needed. I’m more inspired and clear headed than I’ve been in years, and I give Eat Retreat credit for that. Tina Bell Stamos, Eat Retreat Alum & food Stylist