About Eat Retreat

Eat Retreat is an inclusive community of people working in food and agricultural. Our mission is to empower personal and professional growth through collaboration and immersive events, strengthening the food system within the communities we touch.

Our annual flagship retreat brings a tight-knit community of food and agriculture professionals together to do, share and grow. Read about past Eat Retreat events in Food & Wine and Edible Brooklyn.

The Eat Retreat Team

Kathryn Tomajan

Kathryn Tomajan farms three acres of olives in Sunol, California. She is a certified olive oil taster and the maker of Fat Gold.

Lesley Stockton

Lesley Stockton is a recipe developer and food stylist. She is the kitchen manager and staff writer at The Wirecutter.

Dafna Kory

Dafna Kory makes single-variety fruit jams, pickles and shrubs as founder of INNA Jam.

People in the culinary world speak a special language, and we are all connected through food. We each leave our own mark in the world, but together we are a powerful force in helping to determine what we eat now, and what we will eat in the future.
Emilia Juocys, Eat Retreat Alum & chef