Eat Retreat + California Olive Oil Council

BITE Philly, May 21st, 2015

Eat Retreat BITE gathered the Philadelphia area’s most influential growers and makers for an evening of tasting, sipping and sharing with the local food community.

Nearly 250 guests tasted their way across a regional cheeseboard and chatted with oyster farmers as they shucked and slurped. They swirled artisan preserves into gin & jam cocktails and discovered that an olive oil chocolate truffle is a perfect bite.

Upstairs, Lisa and John taught a captivated audience how to properly taste extra virgin olive oil.

The food media took note with coverage from Philadelphia Magazine, EaterPhilly, Penn Appetite, Generocity and Food+Tech Connect.

“Eat Retreat will host its first ever community pop-up! Chat with local bakers, farmers, roasters and distillers while snacking on olive oil, cheeses, oysters and ice cream.”Food+Tech Connect

“If you live in Philadelphia, flip open your calendar to Thursday, May 21 and write “BITE” in big letters. You’ll to want to attend this first-ever food-maker nibble fest.”Local Blogger Madame Fromage

“Eat Retreat Bite is happening in Philadelphia. Rub elbows and eat bites with the region’s food and drink making elite.”Philadelphia Magazine

“We learned the ins and outs of the olive oil industry and tasted a variety of Californian oils, practicing the proper way that oils are tested: swirl, sniff, slurp and swallow.”Penn Appetit

Links and hashtags were share by presenters, attendees and the Eat Retreat network before, during and after the event.

12K+ digital reach
websites, newsletters & email blasts

10K+ social media impressions with 10% engagement
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1.5K+ print reach
printed postcards distributed across Philadelphia

250 onsite impressions
food professionals including chefs, restauranteurs, writers & bloggers, farmers, business & non-profit leaders, & food makers of all kinds

24 tickets sold for the COOC tasting seminar

What a great event last night, filled with amazing makers and eaters. It really was about community, which is what the chocolateclinic is all about, too, so it was a perfect match. Last night did more for me than just provide an opportunity to share good chocolates. It got me thinking about collaboration with local makers and ways I can contribute to the community.
Kym Silvasy-Neale, founder of The Chocolate Clinic

Thank you for being part of Eat Retreat BITE!

Get the recipe: Olive Oil Chocolate Truffles