Halibut Crudo Three Ways

A recipe from Mike Lee

At the inaugural Eat Retreat in Sonoma County, we had local halibut supplied by Anna Barr Larsen that just begged to be eaten raw. Mike Lee lead the group in assembling gorgeous platters of crudo, three ways.

The halibut was so damn rich and buttery that it was just begging to have acid, spice, and salt paired to it for contrast. To serve as crudo we made bias cuts on the filet to make half dollar-sized pieces, roughly the thickness of a slice of sandwich bread.

For the first version we passed radishes through a mandoline and quick pickled them in a solution of 80% champagne vinegar, 15% water and 5% salt for 3 hours. Dill and lemon zest finished that one up.

Next was blood orange segments, some amazing preserved lemons, and a judicious sprinkle of Maldon sea salt.

Finally, the third version sported another quick pickle of onion with minced scallions, ginger, and a vinaigrette made of olive oil and the onion pickling liquid.