Partnership Opportunities

If you’re looking for a unique opportunity to engage with leaders in the food world, you won’t find a more influential group of advocates for your brand.

What is Eat Retreat?

Eat Retreat is a creative retreat and national community of food leaders. Each year, we bring together people from across the country and across food disciplines for an immersive four-day retreat to exchange ideas, spark inspiration and create meaningful connections. It is an opportunity for radical cross pollination.

People in the culinary world speak a special language, and we are all connected through food. We each leave our own mark in the world, but together we are a powerful force in helping to determine what we eat now, and what we will eat in the future.
Emilia Juocys, Eat Retreat Alum & chef

Past Event Partners

Our event partners and sponsors have the opportunity to reach the hands, mouths and minds of the most talented and innovative people working in food. Each partnership is tailored to the marketing goals of our sponsors.

Who Comes to Eat Retreat?

Eat Retreaters are cooks, farmers, food writers, entrepreneurs, butchers, bakers, beekeepers, photographers, food system visionaries, community builders and makers of all kinds. Each year we curate a group of 40 influential food professionals from around the country through a competitive application process. Meet the Eat Retreat alumni.

Elle Simone Scott

Elle Simone Scott is a chef, food stylist and cast member of America’s Test Kitchen on PBS. She is the founder of SheChef, a mentorship program for aspiring chefs.

Nicola Twilley

Nicola Twilley is a contributing writer for The New Yorker and co-host of Gastropod, a podcast exploring the science and history of food.

Marsh Skeele

Marsh Skeele is a founding fisherman of the community supported fishery Sitka Salmon Shares.

Justin Turner

Justin Turner crafts award-winning burgers as chef & owner of Bernie’s Burger Bus. He is also a champion on Food Network’s Chopped.

Mike Lee

Mike Lee develops food products that support regenerative ag and biodiversity at Alpha Food Labs. He is also the founder of The Future Market.

Rick Nahmias

Rick Nahmias fights urban hunger as the founder of Food Forward, a non-profit that has rescued 60 million pounds of fresh produce that would otherwise go to waste.

Kristi Brown

Chef Kristi Brown is the founder of That Brown Girl Cooks, a culinary event and catering company. In 2019 she’ll open her first restaurant in Seattle’s Central District.

Sara Bradley

Sara Bradley is the chef proprietor of western Kentucky’s first farm-to-table restaurant Freight House. In 2019 she made it to the final round of Top Chef Season 16.

When I followed my instinct to cooking school, I had a vision of being a part of something bigger. Something was happening in the food world and I wanted to be part of it. Here’s a secret: it’s all about the people. The people that grow it, butcher it, ferment it, cook it, teach it, photograph it and, of course, eat it. Eat Retreat reminded me why I joined the ranks.
Clare Langan, Eat Retreat Alum, chef and culinary instructor

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