Eat Retreat Los Altos Hills

In October 2012, Eat Retreat was held on a working farm in California where we pressed fresh olive oil, hacked pie baking and honed our palates with guided tastings.

Eat Retreat is like summer camp; the true value isn’t so much learning how to canoe, it’s creating a lifelong memory with the people that were in your canoe when it flipped over in the lake. Mike Lee, Eat Retreat alumni & founder of StudioFeast

Workshop Highlights

Eat Retreat was held on a working farm with attendee-led activities focused on animal husbandry and sustainable food.

Whole Lamb Butchery

Andrew Plotsky showed us how to break down a lamb, which was raised on Hidden Villa’s pastures. Attendees cooked the whole animal for our first meal together.

The Los Altos Hills Team

If Eat Retreat is a snapshot of where food culture is going, it’s a future I can’t wait to get to.
Jesse Friedman, Eat Retreat alumni & founder of Almanac Beer Co.

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