Eat Retreat Sonoma County

In April 2011, we invited 35 leaders making waves in their local food communities to a ranch in Sonoma County for the inaugural Eat Retreat.

Eat retreat was so many things for me: inspirational, eye opening, delicious, comforting, hilarious, thought provoking and a big old kick in the pants to get moving on a long list of projects.
Julie Morelli, Eat Retreat alumni & creator of Nourishing Notes

Workshop Highlights

The days were filled with attendee-led making sessions and demonstrations.


Dafna Kory of INNA Jam taught us how to preserve small batches of seasonal fruit.

The Sonoma County Team

At Eat Retreat, and in life, if you focus on what you can bring to a situation and not what you can get out of it, you won’t be disappointed.
Laura Bruno Miner, Eat Retreat co-founder

Still Hungry

To get the full story of Eat Retreat Sonoma County, check out our book!

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