Alex Jones

Good food advocate

Alex Jones is a writer and value chain consultant connecting local growers, makers and buyers in the Philadelphia region.

Alicia Lochard

historian & scholar

Alicia Lochard a scholar and food historian of Black American foodways. Alica is currently a teaching fellow and doctoral student of Africana Studies at University of Pennsylvania.

Alyson Thomas

Creator of Drywell Art

Alyson Thomas is the owner and creator of Drywell Art. Her custom illustrations have been commissioned by Chronicle Books, Imbibe Magazine, Fleisher’s Meats, Williams-Sonoma and many others.

Amanda Feifer

fermentation expert

Amanda Feifer makes, writes and teaches food fermentation of all kinds. Her first cookbook, Ferment Your Vegetables, was published in 2015 by Fair Winds Press.

Amy Sins

Chef & restaurateur

Amy Sins is the owner and chef of Langlois, an interactive restaurant and cooking school. She is also an award-winning cookbook author and hosts the weekly radio program New Orleans by Mouth.

Anastasia Sotiropulos

business advisor

Anastasia Sotiropulos managed Thomas Keller’s Bouchon Bakery and lead the bakery department for the highest-volume region in Whole Foods Market. In 2017, she founder her own consultancy to help food entrepreneurs scale their businesses.

Anna Roth

Writer & restaurant critic

Anna Roth is a freelance writer. Her work has appeared in Best Food Writing 2014, Lucky Peach, Civil Eats, Eater and Modern Farmer.

Ari Miller


Last year chef Ari Miller opened Musi in Philadelphia, which Eater named one of the best new restaurants in America.

Averie Swanson


Averie Swanson is a master cicerone and gypsy brewer specializing in mixed culture and spontaneous fermentation.

Bob Lesnikoski

farmer, fisherman & forager

Bob Lesnikoski is a cranberry grower and juice producer, commercial squid and scallop fisherman, and mushroom forager. He also serves on the board of Vermont Workinglands Enterprise Initiative.

Bryan Mayer


Bryan Mayer is a butcher & co-founder of Kensington Quarters, a restaurant, butcher shop & education center in Philadelphia, PA.

Caitlin Riley


Caitlin Riley produces video and photo content about food, health, and cannabis. She recently relocated to Denver, Colorado.

Cassandra Loftlin


Cassandra Loftlin is a chef instructor teaching classes on board Holland America’s cruise lines through a culinary partnership with America’s Test Kitchen.

Catherine Oddenino

Catherine Oddenino makes ice cream as the co-founder of Luca & Bosco, a New York City ice cream company and scoop shop at the Essex Street Market.

Cathy Carmichael


Cathy Carmichael is a register dietician working on research projects for the Louisiana Department of Education’s Child Nutrition Program.

Catt Fields White

good food advocate

In 2008 Catt Fields White opened San Diego’s largest market, the Little Italy Mercato. She now manages three regional farmers markets and teaches business skills to farmers and food makers.

Christine Liu

food writer & editor

Formerly the digital executive editor at America’s Test Kitchen, Christine Liu recently made a career move to Harvard Business Publishing.

Clare Langan


Clare Langan an award-winning TV culinary producer and chef specializing in recipe development, styling and product integration for digital and print.

Cortney Ahern

local food advocate

In her role at Feeding America, Cortney Ahern works with farmers to fight hunger in rural communities. She also serves on Slow Food Chicago’s Board of Directors.

Davana Bolton


Davana Bolton is a certified sommelier and manages The Riddler, a female-funded and operated Champagne bar in San Francisco. She also writes about wine and talks about wine.

Elle Simone Scott

chef & food stylist

Elle Simone Scott is a chef, food stylist and cast member of America’s Test Kitchen on PBS. She is the founder of SheChef, a mentorship program for aspiring chefs.

Emily Catalano

founder of Highly Social Media

Emily promotes restaurants and food businesses as the owner of Highly Social Media. She’s also the founder of Good Food Pittsburgh, a site devoted to all of the good food that her hometown has to offer.

Emily Teel

food writer

Alicia Lochard a scholar and food historian of Black American foodways. Alica is currently a teaching fellow and doctoral student of Africana Studies at University of Pennsylvania.

Erica Fair

Baker & founder of Sans Bakery

Erica Fair left a career in fashion design to create gluten-free treats as the baker and owner of Sans Bakery in New York City.

Erin Archuleta

strategist & co-owner of ICHI Sushi

Erin Archuleta is a civic leader, business strategist and co-owner of ICHI Sushi, an award-winning restaurant in San Francisco.

Ernesto Mandowsky

technologist & baker

Ernesto Mandowsky builds technology systems and data analysis tools for the restaurant and hospitality industry.

Gab Carbone

Ice cream maker & founder of The Bent Spoon

Gab Carbone is co-owner of The Bent Spoon, an artisan ice cream shop in Princeton, NJ. Gab and her team have created more than 550 ice cream flavors.

Gideon Burdick

good food advocate

Gideon Burdick the marketing & development manager at  Red Tomato, a Massachusetts food hub helping mid-sized farmers bring their products to market.

Heather Marold Thomason

Heather Marold Thomason is a butcher supplying sustainable, pasture-raised meats to Philadelphia as the founder of Primal Supply Meats. She is also the co-director of Eat Retreat.

James Collier

photograher & digital storyteller

Photographer, writer & creative strategist

Jana Kinsman


Jana Kinsman is an urban beekeeper & founder of Bike a Bee. She manages more than 80 beehives in Chicago’s city limits.

Julie Zyromski

food stylist & founder of oatbox

Julie Zyromski is the co-founder and culinary director of Oatbox, a breakfast cereal company that uses natural ingredients from local producers.

Kathryn Tomajan

Kathryn Tomajan farms three acres of olives in Sunol, California. She is a certified olive oil taster and the maker of Fat Gold.

Katina Talley

baker & founder of Sweet Magnolia

Katina Talley left behind her career as a food scientist developing consumer packaged products to open her own bakery, Sweet Magnolia.

Kelly Landrieu

local food advocate

Kelly Landrieu champions regional food producers as a Local Forager for Whole Foods. She’s based in New Orleans, LA.

Kiel Lopez-Schmidt

architect & founder of Tower Urban Family Farm

After managing the start-up and growth of Food Commons Fresno, Kiel Lopez-Schmidt joined the Northern California Community Loan Fund, which creates opportunities for socially responsible investments.

Krissy Scommegna


After earning a Master’s degree in agriculture and food policy at Tufts University, Krissy Scommegna will soon head west to put her skills to work on her family’s California farm.

Kristen Loken


Kristen Loken photographer and visual strategist working with restaurants and food businesses. Her clients include the Culinary Institute of America and The Ritz Carlton.

Laura Brunow Miner

designer | co-founder of Eat Retreat

Laura Brunow Miner specializes in brand design and creative direction. She is currently working on an interactive art installation with the SFMOMA.

Laura Reiley


Laura Reiley is a journalist and food critic for the Tampa Bay Times. Her Farm to Fable series earned her a Pulitzer Prize and James Beard Award nomination in 2017.

Lauren Nischan-Snook


Laren Nischan-Snook connects chefs and farmers through grass-roots storytelling as a communications manager for Niman Ranch.

Lesley Stockton

writer, recipe developer & food stylist

Lesley Stockton is a recipe developer and food stylist. She is the kitchen manager and staff writer at The Wirecutter.

Liz Martin

community builder

Liz Martin is the vice president of Wild Goose Creative, a creative community at the intersection of art, risk and meaning.

Liz Mazzei

good food advocate

Liz heads up marketing at an organic prepared meal delivery company. She will soon break ground on her long-term agritourism dream.

Mark McKenzie


Mark McKenzie is a sommelier based in New York City. He studied wine with the Wine & Spirit Education Trust and has worked with some of NYC’s most iconic restaurants. He’s now exploring new avenues to express his passion for food and wine.

Megan Miller

founder of Bitty Foods

Megan Miller believes bugs are the most sustainable protein on earth. As the founder of Bitty Foods, she makes delicious food with cricket flour.

Melva Sabatke

urban food advocate

Melva Sabatke is an urban food advocate and correspondent, working in food distribution to alleviate north Milwaukee food desserts.

Muffie Fulton

Chef & scientist

Muffie Fulton is a scientist, chef and the founder of Bold Food. She teaches classes on the science of cooking and features modernist cuisine in her pop-up dinners.

Nadine Nelson

chef & instructor

Nadine Nelson is a chef, cooking instructor and the social entrepreneur behind Global Local Gourmet, a roving community supported kitchen.

Natalie Fullerton

farming advocate

Natalie Fullerton promotes works with family-owned farms promoting ecologically sound agriculture and the production specialty crops as program director at the Kansas Rural Center.

Rachael Narins

food writer

Rachael Narins is a certified master gardener, master food preserver and food writer. She also runs a the supperclub Chicks with Knives.

Rebecca Gildiner

Sustainability specialist

Rebecca Gildiner studied environmental management at Yale and worked on sustainability issues with companies like IKEA and Shake Shack. She now heads up social impact and advocacy at Sir Kensington’s.

Rebecca Stumpf


Rebeccca Stumpf is a full-time editorial and commercial photographer specializing in food, travel and portraiture.

Rebekka Hutton

pickle maker

Rebekka Hutton is an entrepreneur making fermented food and drinks with local and organic produce. She is the founder and owner of Alchemy Pickle Company.

Rick Nahmias

photographer & founder of Food Forward

Rick Nahmias fights urban hunger as the founder of Food Forward, a non-profit that has rescued 60 million pounds of fresh produce that would otherwise go to waste.

Ryan Osero


Ryan Osero works at the intersection of food, design and technology as a food and beverage strategist at Ideo.

Sara Bradley

chef & owner of freight house food

Sara Bradley honed culinary skills at Dovetail in New York and Blackbird in Chicago before returning home to western Kentucky and opening Freight House.

Sarah Meyer

beekeeper & educator

Sarah Meyer is the food systems manager at the Finger Lakes Institute Hobart and William Smith Colleges. She is also a master gardener, beekeeper and the founder of Workers Random honey and hive products.

Seth O’Donovan

Co-founder of The Guest House Colorado

Seth O’Donovan is a chef, butcher and beekeeper whose credentials include stints at the French Laundry and Frasca. She is the founder and co-owner of The Guesthouse, a mountain lodge and restaurant in the Roaring Fork Valley, Colorado.

Shanna Pacifico


Shanna Pacifico is a Brooklyn-based chef who has helmed some of NYC’s most notable kitchens. She creates seasonal, locally-sourced food influenced by her Brazilian-American heritage.

Shayna Marmar

educator & founder of honeypie cooking

Shayna Marmar is the founder of Honeypie Cooking, a social enterprise that develops educational programs incorporating literacy, art, and therapeutic elements with a food access focus.

Susan Reid

baker, editor & educator

Susan Reid is a baker, teacher and the editor of King Arthur Flour’s Sift Magazine. She also chronicles her baking experiments and recipes online at The Well Plated Life.

Tamika Francis

Chef & educator

After graduate school, Tamika Francis led product development for an agro & eco-tourism project with small farmers and fisherfolk in Saint Lucia. Now she runs Food & Folklore, inspired by the tropics, using New England produce, indigenous food-ways, and story-telling.

Terry Strickland


As a journalist, Terry Stickland has covered Southern foodways, the working waterfronts of the Gulf Coast, and emerging ag technologies. He is now a content strategist for Ideaworks.

Vincent Ricchiuti

olive & almond farmer

Vincent Ricchiuti is a fourth-generation farmer. His family produces stone fruit, almonds and extra virgin olive oil in California’s San Joaquin Valley.