Finger Lakes 2013

Akiko Moorman

Chef, food stylist & culinary consultant

Alex Dixon

Writer, photographer, & founder of Carolina Eats

Bryan Mayer


Bryan Mayer is a butcher & co-founder of Kensington Quarters, a restaurant, butcher shop & education center in Philadelphia, PA.

Diana Kuan

author & cooking instructor

Diana Zalucky


Diana Zalucky is an editorial and lifestyle photographer hailing from St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands. Her passion and energy on set brings out the best in people, resulting in organic images filled with spirit and enthusiasm. An explorer at heart, Diana has travelled on assignment to more than 30 countries.

Emily Teel

food writer

Alicia Lochard a scholar and food historian of Black American foodways. Alica is currently a teaching fellow and doctoral student of Africana Studies at University of Pennsylvania.

Erica Fair

Baker & founder of Sans Bakery

Erica Fair left a career in fashion design to create gluten-free treats as the baker and owner of Sans Bakery in New York City.

Gimme! Coffee

Gimme! Coffee’s Benn Bartishevich and Daralyn Kelleher educated Eat Retreaters on single-origin beans, coffee flavor profiles and the roasting process.

Hawk Meadow Farm

Steve, locally known as “Shiitake Steve,” and Anne Sierigk showed us their method of cultivating shiitake mushrooms in the forest. Attendees took home their own shiitake-inoculated log.

Heather Marold Thomason

Butcher & Founder of Primal Supply Meats | Director of Eat Retreat

Whole-animal butcher & supply chain expert

James Collier

photograher & digital storyteller

Photographer, writer & creative strategist

Jane Lerner

writer, editor & organizer of BK Swappers

Just Desserts

Attendees spent the morning with local baker Leslie Muhlhahn learning the art and science of bread baking and making loaves the old-fashioned way.

Kathryn Tomajan

olive oil maker | founder & director of Eat Retreat

Kathryn Tomajan farms three acres of olives in Sunol, California. She is a certified olive oil taster and the maker of Fat Gold.

Kelly Landrieu

local food advocate

Kelly Landrieu champions regional food producers as a Local Forager for Whole Foods. She’s based in New Orleans, LA.

Red Newt Cellars

Red Newt Cellars hosted Eat Retreaters during the most exciting time of year: the grape harvest. After time on the crush pad, we experience a guided Riesling tasting.

Tammy Tan

spice purveyor & owner of Spice Hound

Tammy Tan is the founder of the global spice company Spicehound. She also hosts the podcast Lettuce Wrap.

Will Turnage


Will Turnage uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to build technology applications for food and cooking.