Craft Distillers

Ansley Coale walked Eat Retreaters through the distillation process and a tasting of the award-winning brandy, Germain-Robin, made in Ukiah, California.

Foraging with Casey Spacht

Casey Spacht is the founder of the regional farming cooperative Lancaster Farm Fresh. He’s also a well-known forager. He led a group of Eat Retreaters on a hike, revealing edible and medicinal treasures found in the woods of southeast Pennsylvania.

Gimme! Coffee

Gimme! Coffee’s Benn Bartishevich and Daralyn Kelleher educated Eat Retreaters on single-origin beans, coffee flavor profiles and the roasting process.

Hawk Meadow Farm

Steve, locally known as “Shiitake Steve,” and Anne Sierigk showed us their method of cultivating shiitake mushrooms in the forest. Attendees took home their own shiitake-inoculated log.

Just Desserts

Attendees spent the morning with local baker Leslie Muhlhahn learning the art and science of bread baking and making loaves the old-fashioned way.

ReAnimator Coffee

Eat Retreaters nerded out with Mark Corpus and Nathan Cochran of Philadelphia’s ReAnimator Coffee. With thermometers and scales, we learned the art and science of brewing the perfect cup.

Red Newt Cellars

Red Newt Cellars hosted Eat Retreaters during the most exciting time of year: the grape harvest. After time on the crush pad, we experience a guided Riesling tasting.


In addition to being the oldest micro brewery in Pennsylvania, Stoudt’s is also a family-run bakery and cheese making operation. Eat Retreaters toured the brewery with beer pioneer Ed Stoudt followed by pretzel making and cheese tasting with his daughter Elizabeth Stoudt.

The Apple Farm

The Apple Farm is a working farm with a focus on education in Philo, California. Eat Retreaters were invited to observe the slaughter process as Sophia Bates and Brittany Davis harvested lambs.