SEPA 2015

Alex Jones

Good food advocate

Alex Jones is a writer and value chain consultant connecting local growers, makers and buyers in the Philadelphia region.

Caitlin Riley


Caitlin Riley produces video and photo content about food, health, and cannabis. She recently relocated to Denver, Colorado.

Catherine Oddenino

Catherine Oddenino makes ice cream as the co-founder of Luca & Bosco, a New York City ice cream company and scoop shop at the Essex Street Market.

Clare Langan


Clare Langan an award-winning TV culinary producer and chef specializing in recipe development, styling and product integration for digital and print.

Erica Fair

Baker & founder of Sans Bakery

Erica Fair left a career in fashion design to create gluten-free treats as the baker and owner of Sans Bakery in New York City.

Heather Marold Thomason

Heather Marold Thomason is a butcher supplying sustainable, pasture-raised meats to Philadelphia as the founder of Primal Supply Meats. She is also the co-director of Eat Retreat.

James Collier

photograher & digital storyteller

Photographer, writer & creative strategist

Jana Kinsman


Jana Kinsman is an urban beekeeper & founder of Bike a Bee. She manages more than 80 beehives in Chicago’s city limits.

Kathryn Tomajan

Kathryn Tomajan farms three acres of olives in Sunol, California. She is a certified olive oil taster and the maker of Fat Gold.

Kelly Landrieu

local food advocate

Kelly Landrieu champions regional food producers as a Local Forager for Whole Foods. She’s based in New Orleans, LA.

Kiel Lopez-Schmidt

architect & founder of Tower Urban Family Farm

After managing the start-up and growth of Food Commons Fresno, Kiel Lopez-Schmidt joined the Northern California Community Loan Fund, which creates opportunities for socially responsible investments.

Lesley Stockton

writer, recipe developer & food stylist

Lesley Stockton is a recipe developer and food stylist. She is the kitchen manager and staff writer at The Wirecutter.

Liz Martin

community builder

Liz Martin is the vice president of Wild Goose Creative, a creative community at the intersection of art, risk and meaning.

Liz Mazzei

good food advocate

Liz heads up marketing at an organic prepared meal delivery company. She will soon break ground on her long-term agritourism dream.

Nadine Nelson

chef & instructor

Nadine Nelson is a chef, cooking instructor and the social entrepreneur behind Global Local Gourmet, a roving community supported kitchen.

Rick Nahmias

photographer & founder of Food Forward

Rick Nahmias fights urban hunger as the founder of Food Forward, a non-profit that has rescued 60 million pounds of fresh produce that would otherwise go to waste.

Shanna Pacifico


Shanna Pacifico is a Brooklyn-based chef who has helmed some of NYC’s most notable kitchens. She creates seasonal, locally-sourced food influenced by her Brazilian-American heritage.