Budget Brick Oven

With 45 bricks, 8 cinder blocks, two sheets of metal and a bag of sand, Anthony Calleo built an oven and threw us a pizza party in the woods.

Citrus Tasting

Rick Nahmias traveled across the country with a box of California citrus for a fruit history lesson and blind tasting.

Domestic Cheese Tasting

Eat Retreaters ate their way across a domestic cheese board curated by Alex Jones, considered Midwestern Foodways and debated the future of our national food culture.


From tiny quail eggs to the jumbo emu egg, Liz Martin led an investigative workshop all about eggs—included her own backyard chicken eggs.


Dafna Kory of INNA Jam taught us how to preserve small batches of seasonal fruit.

Knife Sharpening

Sushi chef Erik Aplin taught us how to treat our knives and also demonstrated his fish butchery techniques on a whole bluefish.

The Talent Show

Poetry and tap dancing, puppetry and twerking… it turns out, Eat Retreaters’ skills go way beyond the kitchen.

Trout Fishing

We visited a local Wisconsin trout fishery to learn about aquaculture and catch our dinner.

Whole Lamb Butchery

Andrew Plotsky showed us how to break down a lamb, which was raised on Hidden Villa’s pastures. Attendees cooked the whole animal for our first meal together.